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60-90  Minute Off Leash Trail Hike: $35

We will pick up and drop off from your home and take your pup for a fun filled day in the outdoors. Dog friendly areas include Black Diamond Trail, Limeridge Open Space, Shell Ridge and Castle Rock Park. 

If your dog becomes a member of "The Fang Gang", he/she will be one happy pup! Most of the hike dogs have been with me for several years and are truly like one of my own. They're a family to each other as well as to me... we have the best time together and a 2 hour hike is not uncommon.

​These hikes are all about letting dogs be dogs where they can stretch their legs and sniff to their hearts content all while under the careful guidance of a trained handler. Pups are away from the home for approximately 2-4 hours depending on pick up and drop off location. The best part is watching them sleep like babies on the way home and you can enjoy one less stress in your day.

Pet Sitting:

​​This service is for vacations, weekends away, overnight stays or daily drop in service.

30 Minute Visit $30  

Tailored to your individual pet.
During the meet and greet we find out all about their likes and needs and strive to keep their routine as normal as possible. Because the focus is on them, it doesn't take long before they're waiting at the window for the car to pull up knowing fun times and a lot of love are about to come through that door!
Whether it's a walk, playing ball, their favorite toy, brushing and pampering or just some great belly rubs, it's all about them.

We will also administer any meds, clean the litter box, bring in newspapers, mail, turn blinds and adjust lights to give your home a lived in apprearance.

Overnight Stay In Your Home: $95
​7 pm-7 am for pets who do better with company through the night, we'll give lot's of love and cuddling to make sure they feel safe and secure while you're away. This service includes gathering your mail, newspapers, watering plants, turning blinds and adjusting lighting to give your home a lived in appearance as well as waste removal and litter box clean up. 

Boarding at the All Paws Inn: $50
Limited to dogs who are fine away from home with no separation anxiety, get along well with other dogs and fully house trained. This is like going to Grandma's house with couch and bed privileges, (if that's what they're used to...)  lot's of love and cuddling at an "in home" environment but with plenty of exercise!
Subject to availability and on a first come first served basis. Pets must be free of fleas and fully vaccinated.

We are sensitive to Senior dogs and will give them special attention as well as any medications or special instructions you may have.

There is a $10 charge per visit on all major holidays including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Easter Sunday and Mother's Day.

We accept Visa, Mastercard,Cash or Check.